I don’t have Friendster/Facebook/MySpace accounts. And I intend to keep it that way, insyaAllah.


A question constantly asked by my friends is, why?


Because I don’t need one. It doesn’t serve me any purpose. I’m not interested in other people’s lives. Or browsing through their pictures. Or commenting on their walls. Or playing FB games. Or knowing the current state of their moods.


Those do not tell me what I need to know about people.



“Buat lah FB. Boleh keep in touch!”


A sentence which, please forgive me, annoys me the most. So what did people use to keep in touch before FB existed? Asap? Ketuk drum? Kertas cawan?

FB is the easiest way to update ourselves on people’s lives. It is not the only way to keep in touch.


In my opinion, those who say it are the ones who could not be bothered. Of course. Why go through all the troubles when it’s just one click away?

Buta technology sungguh.


Because I appreciate friends who remember my birthday not by knowing it through FB, but because they care. I appreciate an email on their lives more than a short comment on the wall. And most importantly, I’m able to recognise friends apart  from those who are not. There are people, “friends”, which frankly, I don’t care about.


All these, I will only discover by not having a FB account. I do not care for those who do not deserve it.


I blog. I read your blog. I’m not totally absent from this virtual world.


I’m here, only if you care.