A month back, I wrote about how I had severe dryness of the eyes and therefore was unfit for LASIK boohoo.


I waited for more than the required time, got my exams out of the way and went back for another check up last Friday.


And I passed woohoo!! I mean, alhamdulillah. Obviously I meant that.


The procedure that was recommended to me was ReLex SMILE. Which, to be honest, I’d never heard of before.


My friends underwent LASIK. Or photorefractive keratectomy (PRK). Or customised LASIK. Or intraocular lense inplant (IOL).


Smile what?



The orange line is the incision done for normal LASIK.

The blue line, that’s the incision for SMILE.

This, ladies is gentleman, is the future of refractive surgery.


I didn’t want to do LASIK as the flaps made could cause a lot of complications. Undergoing SMILE means

1. Having none of the flap complications (adhesion, adherence, glare, haemorrhage etc).

2. Since the incision is small and done at the margin, it cuts the percentage of having dryness of the eyes by more than half compared to LASIK.

3. The quality of vision is better.

4. It’s recommendable for high myopia and close-contact sports.

5. The recovery period is faster.

6. It’s almost painless.


And get this, the only disadvantage is the loss of suction during the lamellar cuts- to which the procedure should be postponed. This gives no risk whatsoever to the patient’s vision.


It’s pricey compared to the others but my verdict?

Worth every penny.



Pre-SMILE procedure


I chose to go with Nethradama Super Specialty Eye Hospital. A lot of my friends go for Solinski’s Eye Hospital these days considering they’re doing the same procedures at half the price but…..


I’ve done my research; I’m confident with this hospital. And this is my eyes we’re talking about, I’m not gonna take any risks just to lighten the blow to my bank account.


Windows Live Writer choose now to be inefficient so I can’t post the video here. But here’s the link if you’re interested; done by the same doctor who’d performed the procedure on me.




Smiling widely post-SMILE!



The super comfortable waiting room. The window looks out to the operation theatre so one could view the procedures going on. 


The two alprazolam tablets they gave me for anxiety knocked me out soon after. I was so drugged up I ended up sleeping at Matteo instead.


Remember what I said about fast recovery?

Day 1 post-op and my vision was 6/6 alhamdulillah 🙂

Day 2 I was allowed to wash my face and hair, and watch TV/read for a short time. Also, I only had to wear the shades outdoors *pumps fist in the air*

By Day 4, you’re permitted to do what you normally do. Read, run, do weights, play with the cows, whatever it is.


I haven’t done any work out so far because I’m still required to wear shades outdoors for a week. Going for a run in the park/walking to the gym with shades on?

I don’t think so.



Wearing shades when it’s raining heavily outside is the most retarded thing I’ve ever done wth.



Bye adios assalammualaikum


Today is Day 7 post-op and my vision, despite being slightly- very slightly blur, feels as if I’m wearing lenses full time alhamdulillah.


Oh I almost forgot. To those friends whose time I’d shamelessly occupied in the first few days (I couldn’t read or watch anything, what else was there left to do?), you guys have my appreciation 😀