So many posts on Laos…….


But we did spend 5 days in the country. And I’m being bias, because Laos is my favourite 😀



The next day we went on a tour to visit Lao Lu Village and Kuang Si waterfall.

It cost us 35 dollars, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This was definitely the highlight of our trip! 😀



Our timing coincided with the primary school’s recess time. 

It took us 45 minutes to reach this place and the road was a rough one. Imagine going there on tuk tuk…….



The universal childhood game.

I think you use a marble to aim and shoot at another marble. And then what?

I’ve never played this so….











Our tour guide pointed out these 2 houses, “Those are the traditional Laotian monks’ houses.”

So I asked him how he knew that.

“The monks’ houses are usually windowless with 2 doors. One for entering/exiting purposes, another one is to access the praying place. A house this big usually houses around 6-7 monks.”







We were fortunate because there was a spiritual ritual going on when we were there.

Of course, no pictures were allowed 😦

These rituals are usually performed when a person is sick, or as a protection prayer before someone is about to leave home.  An animal is usually sacrificed, and in this case, a pig.



Cactus fences to keep out the animals. So smart!!




This is what travelling means to me; learning and understanding a piece of people’s culture. It’s a real eye-opener, it teaches me to be humble and to appreciate what I have. 

I love going to rural places the most- these trips always end up being more meaningful than say, a vacation in the big cities (not that they’re not fun). It never ceases to amaze me how these people could be so happy while having so little. Certainly, contentment could never be bought.

You never know which part might touch your heart.