Clinical theory today was on surgery by Dr. Pandit, as always.


“I have one good news and one bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?”

“Bad newssssss.”

“Your winter holiday is cancelled. The good news is you will be starting your clinical posting at Jain Hospital on the 1st of December.”









And then the whole class turned into an uproar.


Ah! Wat iz zat?? No hols in December!!


Since we started later than the others, we have to compensate by undergoing clinical postings during the 2 weeks of hols. So while the others go on vacations, we’ll be spending our holidays at Mahaveer Jain hospital.


Smooth. Real smooth.


Like the rest, I was outraged. Couldn’t they tell us sooner? Before we bought the plane tickets. Before we started planning on how to spend our hols. That couldn’t be too much to ask right?


Ah. It’s hard not to feel disappointed. Unlike most of my classmates though, I didn’t plan on going anywhere during the hols. Not to Agra, not to Goa, not to Malaysia. I’ll be staying right here in Bangalore. I’m cool – except for one tiny flaw:






Now. How am I going to show them around and go for clinical postings everyday (except Sunday) at the same time?


This is bad since my family is planning on touring other parts of India as well. Of course I can’t miss that. Parents bayar ok Precious time spend with family.


Tapi itulah. Women are so emotional. Suka risau tak tentu pasal.



I could worry all month, I could throw tantrums all day but let’s face it; nothing’s gonna change. I still have to go for clinical postings and my family is still coming for a visit. When it comes to dealing with stuff like this, I turn to this saying- life is all about going with its flow. So… come what may 😉 Things will settle on their own. They always do.


And I need the clinical postings. Mengamuk lah macam mana pun, I need them. It’s a good thing, what the uni did. I mean, if we were to catch up all those by ourselves, well, do you think you would? Sah-sah malas nak study sendiri. And the real purpose of being here is to study anyway.


I don’t believe in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason because Allah wants it that way.


Only I told my parents not to nag if I skipped class *coughs*



And I quote Dr. Pandit,


We’re preparing you for the future when you’ve become doctors. You think you’ll get holidays all the time? You have to get use to this. Start now.



Oh well. Life is full of surprises. That’s what I like about it ^_^