The thing is, I forgot this blog existed.


That’s how hectic life has been nowadays, forgive me. But now that I’m done with my first posting (5 more to go woohoo), I might be able to shower some love to it.


So. How’s life as a doctor?

That’s the first thing people ask me these days. Tiring, I would say. Demeaning is another word I would use.

But let’s not concentrate on the bitter parts, let’s try to grab whatever silver linings we could.


I won’t say it’s been a breeze, and I know it’s not going to be a breeze ever; there were times when I felt as if I couldn’t go on anymore, that I’d finally reached my limits….but that’s what surprised me. If there’s one thing it has taught me, it’s that you won’t know your limits until you’re tested to them.


Working 32 hours straight sounded impossible before, but I survived through it anyhow. It’s amazing what you could do, if only you set your mind to it. 


If there’s an ounce in you that loves being a doctor, don’t give up, don’t give in to this arduous system. We’ll get there some day, insyaAllah.

Now that we’re done talking about work, let’s talk about the little life I have left outside the hospital.



First day of Raya, everyone’s in green/turquoise.

The pink one’s adopted.



Just because.





With the only guy who’d layan my fashion dilemmas (and actually dish out useful advices).

Much love to my doctor-to-be ❤



This dress is gorgeous but……

it weighs a ton T___T

Ok lah fair enough, can enjoy all the Raya dishes and work out at the same time.








We’re pinky on the second day (the guys wore dark pink baju melayu).

This girl is such a drama queen.

Nisa has been dethroned.





I had to work 3 weeks straight to get 2 days off for Raya. Though when I compare that to last year where I had to celebrate Raya in India with…books, I’d say this year’s a lot better.


Don’t let your children/siblings be doctors it’s never too late


So that’s it, Happy Raya folks!