I can practically count the days when Belon and I actually leave the hospital at 8 pm sharp.


Because each time we’re leaving, time tu lah ada case best, haih.


As I’ve said in my last post, I’m now posted in Emergency Medicine. There are 7 of us; 3 are posted in MICU, 4 in Casualty.

In Casualty, we’re further divided into two- 2 of us are in Accident & Emergency (A&E), and 2 in Emergency ICU (EICU).


Patients would first go to A&E. Once they’re stabilised, and if they need to be monitored, they’re admitted into the EICU.  If their conditions are crucial, they’d go straight to MICU.




But sometimes, when the MICU is full, patients are sent to the EIUC temporarily. EICU also acts as a step down for MICU- patients who are recovering but still need monitoring would go here.




For the past one week, EICU has been Belly Button’s (I’ve a new nickname for her! It’s so obvious, it beats me why I didn’t think of this sooner) and my work post.


I don’t know about the hospitals in Malaysia (ignorant wtf) but to enter the EICU, you’ve to wear the shoe cover, gowns (blue ones for doctors, maroon for visitors), cap and face mask.


If you’re wearing the A&E uniform like us, you’re spared from all that. Except for the shoe cover.

No worries, entering the MICU is 5 times more strict. I’ll share why once I’m posted there.




Belly Button and I usually arrive at the hospital at 7.40 am. Changed into our uniforms and are already in the ICU before 8 am. Skema wtf.


The first thing we’ve to do is examine the patients and record it in the file. It’s crucial to know every patient’s history and plan because when the consultants do their ward round at 9 am, we have to explain it briefly to them.


Dr. Aruna is one scary person. Once she caught us milling around in the casualty and she started bombarding us with questions.

“How many patients are there in the EICU? What are their plans? Which patients are gonna be shifted?”





Eye bags the size of fried eggs.


We do this twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. We’ve class in the afternoon so yay.  The rest of the day is usually for follow ups-  consultants come and go all day long, so we have to know what’s going on each time.






The casualty is usually empty in the late afternoon, especially on weekdays. Those times are such a bored!





Alia punya kerja lol.


Yesterday was our last day in EICU woohoo! Things could be a lil’ quiet there at times, and at least one of us has to stay there all the time so…..


Am gonna be in A&E starting from tomorrow. There’s gonna be a lot of moving around, that I can assure you.


Till next week everyone. Adios!


P.S: I lost my phone on Monday boo and finally had the time to reapply for a new sim and buy a new phone 2 days ago. My number remains the same but I don’t have everyone’s number so when you message/call me please tell me who you are aite, thanks 🙂