If I don’t wear perfume, I feel naked.


I don’t know if it’s just me or everyone else.


The thing is, I hate it when my perfume hits the bottom. That means I’ve to find a new one, and finding one I like isn’t easy. I’m not the type of person who collects perfumes; I usually buy a 90 ml bottle and stick to that.


Floral scents are too strong for my liking; fresh scents don’t seem to cut it either.

But over these last few years, I’m seeing a pattern developing.



From left: Orange, Orange Sunset Hugo Boss.


I started with Orange a couple of years back. Despite being named so, it doesn’t smell fruity. More like……woody. A deep, rich, woody scent.


When I was through with Orange, I switched to Orange Sunset. I loved loved loved (see, 3 kali love ok) them both.




I got myself Deep Red next. Mimi chided me because I originally had my eye on Valentino’s Assoluto but……. I ended up buying another Hugo Boss lol.


I gotta admit I’m bias; I’ve tried other brands before but once I chanced upon Hugo Boss, there’s no turning back. If you’re a “woody” (flory and freshie should look elsewhere, sorry) like me, well then, these are for you.


When I buy a scent, I want originality. What’s the point of wearing something similar to someone else’s? Dah la expensive. When my girlfriends say, “This smell is so Nisa,”. ,I consider my mission accomplished  😀


However, remember to wear your perfume in moderation  :)  I personally hate the fuh fuh fuh asap kepul kepul makes the person sitting next to you sneezes kindda perfume. Nor do I like one that leaves a trail (macam siput wth).


"Every eye is adulterous and when a woman perfumes herself and passes a company (of men) she is such and such (meaning adulterous)."

(At-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud )


Otherwise, just keep in mind that people have different tastes; you might not like other people’s scents just as others might not like yours. Seksa ok duduk sebelah someone wearing a bottle of perfume whose smell you just couldn’t tolerate.


Seriously, that’s pollution man.


So keep it to yourself, save the Earth. Pesanan khidmat masyarakat.