All smiles


Hampi, India 2011


And for one who’s ever had that connection with someone, even if it only lasted for five minutes, it’s important. For once I didn’t feel as if I was living in a different world from everyone else, but that in fact there was a person, a person I liked and respected, who had a piece of my heart, who felt the same way.

-If You Could See Me Now, Cecilia Ahern.


Alhamdulillah, here’s hoping the smiles would last 🙂


Convocation day

Look who’s finally wearing the square hat!!!!



Early in the morning when my make up was still perfect and my dress was still sweat-free.



Because my dress looks nice here haha!



I coincidentally sat behind Effa in the hall! *fate*



My family who braved the heat and crowd just for me ❤



Daddy is so ever clingy- kidding!

Where would I be without them.

Probably selling burgers on the street somewhere. And not the tasty kind either.



Friends since foundation 🙂



With soulmate who finally made it as a doctor!!! *chinese crackers*




Zie who declared my family as her foster family because she wants to do her housemanship in Miri.

Ok lah, take take.



Our future doctor!





Once your handphone/camera has come within his grasp…..just give in. Haha.



Like I said, just give in.





With Aida who’d raised us for 5 years. True story.






So……this is it. The next time I’ll be seeing these faces might be years from now. Before this there were the MMC application, the SPA interview, convocation, the KKM application; formalities which ensured us to meet and hang out with each other. No more of those now.


But I have faith. Some people walk into your life and make a difference; these people certainly did. Some relationships are built to last forever, and hopefully, this is one of them insyaAllah.


But no matter how you look at it, this is another ending. The closing chapter of my 5 years in India as a medical student.


The real world awaits woohooo!


It’s their story




Looking at them together was……well I’ve seen them together for years lol.

But I don’t know; the other day they were students and now they’re married??

My my, time did fly by.





I still can’t get around the fact that she’s someone’s wife now.

Didn’t we use to climb trees together?






A lot of our friends in Bangalore had a hard time believing we’re best friends. We hardly saw each other in India, what with us being posted to different hospitals, lived in different apartments, had our own cliques. And we both have strong personalities.

So when people knew we were close they’d usually go, “What? I don’t believe you, you’re lying.”

It’s pretty amusing, really.



But come on, it’s Effa. We don’t need to be on the phone 24/7 or hang out every weekend to maintain our friendship; we’ve known each other forever.

Now I feel there’s a lump in my throat. Moving on! *clears throat*









IMS-ian; so many doctors under one roof!





Tip toe-ing to achieve the greater height lol




I was asked to give a speech for the occasion and……sweaty palms, wobbly legs-you know, the usual. The things we do for our friends!


Wait, let me just copy and paste. Do read, I’d spend a week in front of the laptop; fingers tapping absently, lips pursed in concentration, head blank. It’s a miracle I managed to come up with this.


Years from now, when I look back, I would remember today as one of the most meaningful moments in my life. And it’s not even my wedding.

I would remember today as the day one of my best friends got her happy ending.

I have known Effa all my life; we attended kindergarten and primary school together, we stick together even when we went to different secondary schools, and we miraculously ended up in the same class during our first year of medical school- there’s just simply no getting rid of her.

Years and years of memories, where do I even begin? Would it be the time when we were still little girls, running around covered in sweats, playing Barbie together? Would it be when we were still foolish enough, getting our hearts broken and patched yet again? Or would it be during our years in medical school, that time when we both found out we’d passed our final exams together?

But I guess, I could not pinpoint an exact memory. She has been there all along, a constant enough presence I never had to do without. She’s the person I know who would always be there to take care of me when things become too rough to handle. The person I turn to for the endless supply of wet wipes and tubes of lotion I know she always has stashed somewhere in her handbag. The person who had dragged me to countless trips of grocery shopping or picking her sisters up from school- the trips I’m now going to miss.

I’ve been forbidden to tell the silly stories by the bride herself, so we’ll move on.

I still remember the early days when Habi was courting Effa, somewhat very determinedly might I add. I remember Effa confiding in me how unsure she was of pursuing things with Habi in the beginning. That was 5 years ago. Looking at both of them now, we could tell it was the best decision she has ever made in her life.

I’ve seen Effa as a gawky kid, carrying the responsibility as the class monitor year after year when all we could think was what’s in our lunchbox. I’ve seen her trying to figure herself out as a teenager, always planning ahead, already more mature than the rest of us. I’ve seen her juggled life gracefully time and time again, but I’ve seen her at her best when she’s with Habi. With him, I saw her growing up into the woman she is today. He completed her in a way no one ever had.

Telling Habi to take care of Effa is somewhat unnecessary; he’s done a splendid job of doing so over the years they’ve been together. So to Habi, please continue doing so. To Effa, you’re one of the most beautiful people I know- not only for the night, but because that is simply who you are; the childhood friend I remember from the past, and the strong woman you are now.

Congratulations once again Habi and Hayfaa.


I give myself an A for effort *pats self on the back*

A year at a time

What can I say, every year had been a good year.




I’d spend 2012 facing others’ criticism, finding who I was and patching relationships. Naturally after all that hard work, I just…embraced it. I gave life my all, I enjoyed what I did, and masyaAllah it had been awesome.


Undoubtedly THE achievement of 2013 was finally becoming a doctor (on paper, at least) *fireworks* But mostly, I guess, it wasn’t about me. It was being able to witness all the good things that happened to the people around me that truly made it an amazing year.


Some started wearing the hijab-





A few of them got married-


The one wedding I regretted not being able to attend *sobs*



I just realised it but Habi’s shoes are looking reallyyy polished here haha.



We passed our finals together;




Looking at them, it really did make my heart swelled with happiness. What more could I ask for?


Ok, A LOT. Who am I kidding pshhh. Let’s save them for 2014.


Oh, and I also want to be skinny. Add that to the list.

The Bride’s Maids story

When Effa told me her majlis berinai (henna night) theme is Bollywood,




Considering I’d lived in India for 5 years, that’s somewhat irony, I know. But I was never into kurti, and there’s no way I could tie a saree. A lot of people assumed I did know, judging from the requests I had that night. I’m sorry to disappoint, Nisa doesn’t know how to wear one. We usually asked the cleaner to help us with them sarees wahaha.



Missing out on our two bride’s maids here 😦

My friend reminded me of this kurti top I forgot I had (I turned it into a kurung top)- funny how someone else knew my closet better!


Now you’re probably wondering this; WHERE’S THE BRIDE? Considering she just donned the hijab recently, posting a non-hijab photo of her would be inappropriate. Rest assured, you’ll be seeing a lot of her pictures from here onwards 🙂





My make-up is usually very pastel, so I wanted to try on a stronger look.

I was wearing a fuschia pink lipstick by the way but somehow it looked red in every picture. Hueh. 



This was the night before the big day. A complete set of bride’s maids at last!



Here to do Her Royal Highness’s biddings lol.



Lala was terrific with the steam iron, have I said that already?



Fast forward to the next morning and we’re all dolled up.

Childhood friends united 😀



Us Bangalore-ians/dulang girls.

A lot of people were confused by this picture; Why is Nisa wearing a different colour?

Because there were actually two sets of bride’s maids.



There were supposed to be 9 dulang girls, but because one couldn’t make it at the last minute, I stepped in.



The gorgeous solemnization dais.



I wore flats specially for this task; tripping and dropping the dulang in front of a crowd isn’t exactly merry.



So what was our original role?

Accompanying Effa on the dais. And let me tell you it was excruciatingly painful. At the end of it I couldn’t feel my legs at all!



Us doctors.



We’re the Twin Towers.




A happy ending

I have a few friends complaining how I don’t update my blog anymore.


To be honest, I’m not sure how long I’ll be doing this; it does seem to get old. Just like me. Hewhew.


Regardless, here’s one on Kak Sha’s wedding I’d attended…..a month back! Wow it has been that long.



Mimi and I arrived right on time for Kak Sha’s akad nikah (solemnization) ceremony. We’re always fashionably late *flips hijab*



Gossiping is an essential part of our routine; anytime, anywhere. Ah I miss those early morning talks on the bus and at the hospital 😦

We didn’t belong to the same posting group so we tried to catch up on each other’s life as much as possible.


I teared up during her akad, something I didn’t plan on doing. It felt as if I was losing a sister *sniffs*









“Look there, look there.”







The bride and groom making their entrance.

And the first thing she asked me was, “Nisa I love your dress! Where did you buy it??”

That’s soooooooo Kak Sha.









Kak Sha’s niece just won’t budge from any picture I took. She must have taken Kak Sha’s genes on picture-taking.





Look at Little Hana in her tulle dress, so cute! And she wandered all over the place all the time.


So many memories with this person; but the one thing I’ll remember forever was when she took care of me when I first arrived in India. The thing is, she’s been taking care of me ever since. I’ve learned so much from her, God couldn’t have given me a better friend.



Met up with Little Sofea for dinner. She’s such a doll!! And she’s grown so much!

I bought that headband for her….which she coincidentally already had. Sorry Sofea, your mum and I have great taste, what can I say lol.



Ah, someone has an early bedtime. Sweet dreams sweetheart.



Dinner with the newlyweds 🙂


It was at this moment when I realised everyone has grown up. That we’re each heading towards our own direction. No more hanging out till the early hours of the morning, or knocking on the door for a shoulder to cry on, or wrecking our brains planning birthday surprises.


We grew up, and we moved on.

Bow down

I’ve always hated answering to people.


It’s that streak of rebelling I’ve never quite grown out of. Once I feel people are poking their noses deeper than they should, I prickled.

A simple statement like, “Wow, you’re home late. It’s already midnight.” is enough to annoy me.


Some people say it’s just caring; I say please get out of my space. And I’m a person who needs a lot of space.


Back when I was still in high school, one of the things I did all the time was going out without bothering to tell my parents. Consent was never really an issue, I just didn’t feel like it. That’s one of the things my maid could never understand,

“What’s so hard? Just pick up the phone and tell your parents at work.”

I never did.


Now that I’m older and understand things better, I try not to rebel much. But like everything else, it never really goes away. Worn around the edges, softened by time perhaps, but it has never gone away.


I could be a lot of things, but yielding isn’t one of them.

The life of the unemployed

What can I say, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to write these days.


I  eat, I sleep, I watch tv, I read, I jog. My life summed up in one sentence wahahaha.


Except for that one time when someone broke into my car WTF. I walked to my car after my evening run to find out the driver’s car door was unlocked.

OCD people like me don’t leave things  accidentally unlocked.


It was dark, the car lot was empty, and there weren’t many people around. I’ve always been kindda reckless, I spend my time brushing people’s cautions aside, but at that moment, I felt the true pang of fear for the first time.


Alhamdulillah on that one time nothing happened. But you know what? There are bad people everywhere, there’s no avoiding them. I just gotta be more careful.


I think I just sprained my fingers by typing too much, you know I don’t really move about a lot these days hahahaha.


Ok, pictures.



I love the gym at Intercontinental Hotel. Hotel gyms are the best….because they’re always empty!



The BEST baclava I’ve ever had! You can see that by the fact that I forgot to take a picture until the very last bite.

The crunch, the sweetness, the pistachio, everything was just right.



But the second time I got them was a….disappointment. Why are these guys inconsistent!

They look big here but they’re actually bite sizes, and each cost RM 2. So yes, a big boo from me. Better luck next time, hopefully.



Gourmet made mochi!!!! One of my favourite desserts.



Bad bad angle.



Passport pic wahahaha. Though I look a lot worse in my real one.

This is my 5-min make up; gel eyeliner, concealer, blusher and…ok lah I usually skipped the lipstick- I’m a lip balm fan. Everything not waterproof because I need to be able to take wudhu’ for my prayers.

Don’t worry, I’m too lazy to do this everyday.



Met up with Fakhrul at Coffea & Coffee and I had the tiramisu, yum. My friends are always treating me because I’ve yet to start working. I love being jobless!



SOMEONE (read: zatyfaty) left her pillow hug behind when she stayed with us at the hotel and we had to send it to her at UIA.

The Ummati Night (or something?)  was coincidentally going on and so we checked it out. It was exciting!



This Mauritania’s robe’s fabric is awesome. They have a couple more hanging on the rack.



This is actually our first picture together ever since Miumiu started wearing the hijab. See Mimi! We don’t take enough pictures!



Hung out at I-City with some of my favourite people.



I’ve to say, the lights are amazing. They’re really really pretty.













If I ever walked out of a bookstore with only one book in hand, there’s a 99% chances it’s a medical book 😉


I’ll see you guys in a month’s time wahahaha ok bye.

Going monochrome



This was actually my first time wearing a blazer in Malaysia (and that to an air-conditioned restaurant at night too- ULTRA cheat). Most of the time I avoid layering up in this humid weather. Seriously, I totally respect those who layer up almost daily!

(and wonder what’s their secret of having sweat-free armpits).



I love the clean lines of the blazer; it’s best to just keep the whole look simple.

Added a pop of colour in my jade-green heels and turquoise bag. Done.


2013-11-17 23.36.54 

This pic is for Zatyfaty hahaha *inside joke*


2013-11-17 23.46.15

Considering it’s a crop blazer i.e it doesn’t cover the bum, make sure to wear a longer blouse inside 🙂 the thinner the better wth *sweats*



Our dentist turned 26!

Thank you for being the vainest, physical-istic, brilliant person I’ve known Abang! You’ve inspired me in so many ways you have no idea; and this isn’t me being sarcastic. He really does. I mean seriously, how many doctors do you know could pull off wearing skinny pants to work?


It’s ok lah I’ll just stick to skirts.







The clock chimes

There’s something about having too much time on your hands;


I’m not used to it. Nor am I used to being home.

Oh dear, I do miss going to classes and goofing around.


I’d spend the last 5 years having almost to none holidays, spending less than a month in Malaysia every year. And I happen to be one of the people who thinks holidays are best spend travelling. Well.


I’m sure it’s not just me; most of my friends would be in a similar situation right now. Having to rediscover home is a task itself. The roads, the places to dine at, the shops. I was dropping my mum off at her office the other day and the next thing I knew I was halfway to Brunei on my way back; I can’t say it hasn’t been interesting.


Mother, I need GPS. And Miri isn’t even that huge. Regardless.





She smiled at the camera! This is a tremendous improvement!



I think Mum looks like a penguin.

My friends pointed out my habit of animalizing people a lot of times. But don’t you think it’s true? Most people do resemble certain animals. It’s fun figuring out which is which.



I think I’m still stuck in a certain time zone; Hani complains I still treat her like a child.

Well that’s what she was 5 years back! And how much could you grow up in 5 years anyway?

Ok fine, a lot.



I met up with Syafiqah, a primary school friend of mine for lunch the other day and she gave me this huge box of choc as a graduation present.

This was a really nice gesture so thank you, I’m really touched  🙂


And oh, everyone, do take note.

Just kidding 😛