I’m so full; I knew I shouldn’t have eaten such a big lunch!




One of my favourite places in the whole trip would be this place; by the Mekong river.



It’s a nice place to chill; there’s the night market to the left, the recreation road (which is closed off to cars in the late afternoons) and the square to the right.

Imagine running along the strip of Mekong river everyday; my idea of heaven! You won’t get bored because there’s so much to see.



Watching the sunset here felt so serene subhanallah, I didn’t wanna leave.



I never did bother changing out of this instant hijab after the flight eheh.



There’s an aerobic thing going on every afternoon, it surprised me that so many people joined in!



Came night time and all the street artists popped up.

This dude’s from Tokyo and he’s performing to fund his trip around the world.



You can get everything here; from gadgets to clothes and makeups to souvenirs. Everything.



This one’s from Austria- I thought his sita remix was quite cool and relaxing.



So I bought a copy of his cd for Dad for USD 7. He likes all these blues and jazzy stuff.

And he felt asleep even before the first song even ended.

Daddy what is this!



Vientiane vegetable spring rolls. So and so.

Food wise, it’s really hard to find halal food here. We had to resort to turkish/indian/western food. Which beats the purpose of travelling in my opinion.

But we tried.



Parotha in Laos!



Our budget hotel/inn/motel; I’m not sure what to call it.

But it’s nice- clean, comfortable and accommodating. And the wifi’s speed was satisfactory (doesn’t everyone judge everything by its wifi speed nowadays?)



Stoked wood fired pizza from a nearby cafe; smoked salmon with shrimp, olives and mozarella.




Chilling out at a coffee shop on our last night in Laos.



I always go for ice blended choc, wherever I am.

I’m not a huge fan of caffeine.



Surprisingly, it’s cold there in Vientiane. Not winter cold but it’s-so-chilly-why-didn’t-I-wear-a-sweater-argh kindda cold.



Nominated as the best bakery in the entire trip!




The only time I’d ever tasted a croissant that good was in Paris. Seriously.

Everything’s delicious here; we bought a bunch of pastries for our train ride. Worth every penny.

(please try the apple tart)



Everytime I wore this hijab meant that I was about to go on a long bus/train ride.

This was before we were about to board the train to Bangkok 😀


Aite, see you guys in Luang Prabang!