2 days at home and I’m already bored. Lol.


I just got back from my 2-week backpacking trip yay! Had a hard time convincing my parents to let me go, seeing as

a) It’s just me and a girlfriend

b) Most of the countries are third world countries


But I persevered and after months of persuading (throw in a few tantrums, ehem), they relented.



We stayed in Vientianne for 2 nights; the night before we went to Luang Prabang, and the night after we came back.



This is like….I don’t know, an auditorium or something. But one night when we were passing by, there was a crowd in front of this building. People in pretty frocks and dashing suits posed in front of flashing cameras.

Then we went back to our inn, switched on the TV, and realised that some sort of entertainment award was taking place there. Turned out the people we saw were actually Lao celebrities lol.



A Nissan Juke which isn’t available in Malaysia.

One thing we noticed about the Vientianne-ians was that every single car on the street seem brand new. No kidding.



Books are pricier here than Malaysia.



I was curious; I’ve never had any smoked banana (pisang salai? haha) before. It was meh haha.



Hush puppiesssssss.

Hush puppies hush puppies hush puppies!!



I was looking forward to seeing the tuk tuk in each country!



I managed to haggle down the fare from 50,000 kip to only 10,000 kip!

Sorry la, I lived in India for 5 years; haggling with auto drivers was a skill I had to master.



The Patuxai.

Similar to the Arch de Triomphe in Paris.

And the India Gate in New Delhi.

Having been to both, I was pretty nonchalant about this one.



But when I looked up, I was awestruck!

So pretty masyaallah!







Absolutely no idea what this is about.



Just a random temple we walked into.



Another random temple; they’re everywhere!







The only mosque we stumbled upon.



It’s nice to see how modern and well kept it was.



And that people are using it.







A shrine for the deceased. So fancy omg!




I didn’t realise there were so many pictures taken in Vientiane alone waaa.

Will continue later, insyaAllah!