Looking at them together was……well I’ve seen them together for years lol.

But I don’t know; the other day they were students and now they’re married??

My my, time did fly by.





I still can’t get around the fact that she’s someone’s wife now.

Didn’t we use to climb trees together?






A lot of our friends in Bangalore had a hard time believing we’re best friends. We hardly saw each other in India, what with us being posted to different hospitals, lived in different apartments, had our own cliques. And we both have strong personalities.

So when people knew we were close they’d usually go, “What? I don’t believe you, you’re lying.”

It’s pretty amusing, really.



But come on, it’s Effa. We don’t need to be on the phone 24/7 or hang out every weekend to maintain our friendship; we’ve known each other forever.

Now I feel there’s a lump in my throat. Moving on! *clears throat*









IMS-ian; so many doctors under one roof!





Tip toe-ing to achieve the greater height lol




I was asked to give a speech for the occasion and……sweaty palms, wobbly legs-you know, the usual. The things we do for our friends!


Wait, let me just copy and paste. Do read, I’d spend a week in front of the laptop; fingers tapping absently, lips pursed in concentration, head blank. It’s a miracle I managed to come up with this.


Years from now, when I look back, I would remember today as one of the most meaningful moments in my life. And it’s not even my wedding.

I would remember today as the day one of my best friends got her happy ending.

I have known Effa all my life; we attended kindergarten and primary school together, we stick together even when we went to different secondary schools, and we miraculously ended up in the same class during our first year of medical school- there’s just simply no getting rid of her.

Years and years of memories, where do I even begin? Would it be the time when we were still little girls, running around covered in sweats, playing Barbie together? Would it be when we were still foolish enough, getting our hearts broken and patched yet again? Or would it be during our years in medical school, that time when we both found out we’d passed our final exams together?

But I guess, I could not pinpoint an exact memory. She has been there all along, a constant enough presence I never had to do without. She’s the person I know who would always be there to take care of me when things become too rough to handle. The person I turn to for the endless supply of wet wipes and tubes of lotion I know she always has stashed somewhere in her handbag. The person who had dragged me to countless trips of grocery shopping or picking her sisters up from school- the trips I’m now going to miss.

I’ve been forbidden to tell the silly stories by the bride herself, so we’ll move on.

I still remember the early days when Habi was courting Effa, somewhat very determinedly might I add. I remember Effa confiding in me how unsure she was of pursuing things with Habi in the beginning. That was 5 years ago. Looking at both of them now, we could tell it was the best decision she has ever made in her life.

I’ve seen Effa as a gawky kid, carrying the responsibility as the class monitor year after year when all we could think was what’s in our lunchbox. I’ve seen her trying to figure herself out as a teenager, always planning ahead, already more mature than the rest of us. I’ve seen her juggled life gracefully time and time again, but I’ve seen her at her best when she’s with Habi. With him, I saw her growing up into the woman she is today. He completed her in a way no one ever had.

Telling Habi to take care of Effa is somewhat unnecessary; he’s done a splendid job of doing so over the years they’ve been together. So to Habi, please continue doing so. To Effa, you’re one of the most beautiful people I know- not only for the night, but because that is simply who you are; the childhood friend I remember from the past, and the strong woman you are now.

Congratulations once again Habi and Hayfaa.


I give myself an A for effort *pats self on the back*