What can I say, every year had been a good year.




I’d spend 2012 facing others’ criticism, finding who I was and patching relationships. Naturally after all that hard work, I just…embraced it. I gave life my all, I enjoyed what I did, and masyaAllah it had been awesome.


Undoubtedly THE achievement of 2013 was finally becoming a doctor (on paper, at least) *fireworks* But mostly, I guess, it wasn’t about me. It was being able to witness all the good things that happened to the people around me that truly made it an amazing year.


Some started wearing the hijab-





A few of them got married-


The one wedding I regretted not being able to attend *sobs*



I just realised it but Habi’s shoes are looking reallyyy polished here haha.



We passed our finals together;




Looking at them, it really did make my heart swelled with happiness. What more could I ask for?


Ok, A LOT. Who am I kidding pshhh. Let’s save them for 2014.


Oh, and I also want to be skinny. Add that to the list.