I have a few friends complaining how I don’t update my blog anymore.


To be honest, I’m not sure how long I’ll be doing this; it does seem to get old. Just like me. Hewhew.


Regardless, here’s one on Kak Sha’s wedding I’d attended…..a month back! Wow it has been that long.



Mimi and I arrived right on time for Kak Sha’s akad nikah (solemnization) ceremony. We’re always fashionably late *flips hijab*



Gossiping is an essential part of our routine; anytime, anywhere. Ah I miss those early morning talks on the bus and at the hospital 😦

We didn’t belong to the same posting group so we tried to catch up on each other’s life as much as possible.


I teared up during her akad, something I didn’t plan on doing. It felt as if I was losing a sister *sniffs*









“Look there, look there.”







The bride and groom making their entrance.

And the first thing she asked me was, “Nisa I love your dress! Where did you buy it??”

That’s soooooooo Kak Sha.









Kak Sha’s niece just won’t budge from any picture I took. She must have taken Kak Sha’s genes on picture-taking.





Look at Little Hana in her tulle dress, so cute! And she wandered all over the place all the time.


So many memories with this person; but the one thing I’ll remember forever was when she took care of me when I first arrived in India. The thing is, she’s been taking care of me ever since. I’ve learned so much from her, God couldn’t have given me a better friend.



Met up with Little Sofea for dinner. She’s such a doll!! And she’s grown so much!

I bought that headband for her….which she coincidentally already had. Sorry Sofea, your mum and I have great taste, what can I say lol.



Ah, someone has an early bedtime. Sweet dreams sweetheart.



Dinner with the newlyweds 🙂


It was at this moment when I realised everyone has grown up. That we’re each heading towards our own direction. No more hanging out till the early hours of the morning, or knocking on the door for a shoulder to cry on, or wrecking our brains planning birthday surprises.


We grew up, and we moved on.