What can I say, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to write these days.


I  eat, I sleep, I watch tv, I read, I jog. My life summed up in one sentence wahahaha.


Except for that one time when someone broke into my car WTF. I walked to my car after my evening run to find out the driver’s car door was unlocked.

OCD people like me don’t leave things  accidentally unlocked.


It was dark, the car lot was empty, and there weren’t many people around. I’ve always been kindda reckless, I spend my time brushing people’s cautions aside, but at that moment, I felt the true pang of fear for the first time.


Alhamdulillah on that one time nothing happened. But you know what? There are bad people everywhere, there’s no avoiding them. I just gotta be more careful.


I think I just sprained my fingers by typing too much, you know I don’t really move about a lot these days hahahaha.


Ok, pictures.



I love the gym at Intercontinental Hotel. Hotel gyms are the best….because they’re always empty!



The BEST baclava I’ve ever had! You can see that by the fact that I forgot to take a picture until the very last bite.

The crunch, the sweetness, the pistachio, everything was just right.



But the second time I got them was a….disappointment. Why are these guys inconsistent!

They look big here but they’re actually bite sizes, and each cost RM 2. So yes, a big boo from me. Better luck next time, hopefully.



Gourmet made mochi!!!! One of my favourite desserts.



Bad bad angle.



Passport pic wahahaha. Though I look a lot worse in my real one.

This is my 5-min make up; gel eyeliner, concealer, blusher and…ok lah I usually skipped the lipstick- I’m a lip balm fan. Everything not waterproof because I need to be able to take wudhu’ for my prayers.

Don’t worry, I’m too lazy to do this everyday.



Met up with Fakhrul at Coffea & Coffee and I had the tiramisu, yum. My friends are always treating me because I’ve yet to start working. I love being jobless!



SOMEONE (read: zatyfaty) left her pillow hug behind when she stayed with us at the hotel and we had to send it to her at UIA.

The Ummati Night (or something?)  was coincidentally going on and so we checked it out. It was exciting!



This Mauritania’s robe’s fabric is awesome. They have a couple more hanging on the rack.



This is actually our first picture together ever since Miumiu started wearing the hijab. See Mimi! We don’t take enough pictures!



Hung out at I-City with some of my favourite people.



I’ve to say, the lights are amazing. They’re really really pretty.













If I ever walked out of a bookstore with only one book in hand, there’s a 99% chances it’s a medical book 😉


I’ll see you guys in a month’s time wahahaha ok bye.