I’ve always hated answering to people.


It’s that streak of rebelling I’ve never quite grown out of. Once I feel people are poking their noses deeper than they should, I prickled.

A simple statement like, “Wow, you’re home late. It’s already midnight.” is enough to annoy me.


Some people say it’s just caring; I say please get out of my space. And I’m a person who needs a lot of space.


Back when I was still in high school, one of the things I did all the time was going out without bothering to tell my parents. Consent was never really an issue, I just didn’t feel like it. That’s one of the things my maid could never understand,

“What’s so hard? Just pick up the phone and tell your parents at work.”

I never did.


Now that I’m older and understand things better, I try not to rebel much. But like everything else, it never really goes away. Worn around the edges, softened by time perhaps, but it has never gone away.


I could be a lot of things, but yielding isn’t one of them.