This was actually my first time wearing a blazer in Malaysia (and that to an air-conditioned restaurant at night too- ULTRA cheat). Most of the time I avoid layering up in this humid weather. Seriously, I totally respect those who layer up almost daily!

(and wonder what’s their secret of having sweat-free armpits).



I love the clean lines of the blazer; it’s best to just keep the whole look simple.

Added a pop of colour in my jade-green heels and turquoise bag. Done.


2013-11-17 23.36.54 

This pic is for Zatyfaty hahaha *inside joke*


2013-11-17 23.46.15

Considering it’s a crop blazer i.e it doesn’t cover the bum, make sure to wear a longer blouse inside 🙂 the thinner the better wth *sweats*



Our dentist turned 26!

Thank you for being the vainest, physical-istic, brilliant person I’ve known Abang! You’ve inspired me in so many ways you have no idea; and this isn’t me being sarcastic. He really does. I mean seriously, how many doctors do you know could pull off wearing skinny pants to work?


It’s ok lah I’ll just stick to skirts.