There’s something about having too much time on your hands;


I’m not used to it. Nor am I used to being home.

Oh dear, I do miss going to classes and goofing around.


I’d spend the last 5 years having almost to none holidays, spending less than a month in Malaysia every year. And I happen to be one of the people who thinks holidays are best spend travelling. Well.


I’m sure it’s not just me; most of my friends would be in a similar situation right now. Having to rediscover home is a task itself. The roads, the places to dine at, the shops. I was dropping my mum off at her office the other day and the next thing I knew I was halfway to Brunei on my way back; I can’t say it hasn’t been interesting.


Mother, I need GPS. And Miri isn’t even that huge. Regardless.





She smiled at the camera! This is a tremendous improvement!



I think Mum looks like a penguin.

My friends pointed out my habit of animalizing people a lot of times. But don’t you think it’s true? Most people do resemble certain animals. It’s fun figuring out which is which.



I think I’m still stuck in a certain time zone; Hani complains I still treat her like a child.

Well that’s what she was 5 years back! And how much could you grow up in 5 years anyway?

Ok fine, a lot.



I met up with Syafiqah, a primary school friend of mine for lunch the other day and she gave me this huge box of choc as a graduation present.

This was a really nice gesture so thank you, I’m really touched  🙂


And oh, everyone, do take note.

Just kidding 😛