Ever seen the Malaysia Airlines advertisement?


The one where they said,

“Journeys are made by the people you travel with.”

They nailed it right.




I don’t know how it works elsewhere but in our hospital, you’re divided into batches. Sindhi Hospital being smaller than the other hospitals has lesser students in each batch.


And this batch is your everything.


You do seminars with them, tutorials, case presentations, clinical skills, on calls etc etc. These are the faces you see every hour of the day; in fact, these faces might be the only familiar ones you get to see for the day.


So you see, it’s not weird for the students of each batch to get attached to their members. And my batch, masyaAllah, was awesome.



My baby sister who’s not so baby anymore.


Belon, at the age of 22, is the youngest among us (I know right @#$$%!) and the easiest to bully. Fact is, one of my motivations to go to class was because I looked forward to tease her. Oh the countless times I had made her cry. You should try, it’s fun. ROFL.


But she’s my study partner, the person I could count on to check out the wards for new cases each morning, the only one besides me who would definitely be prepared for the tutorial the next day.


And yet I still loved bullying her. Ah the wonders of the world.



This dinner was actually to celebrate Alia’s birthday (besides being our last dinner together). She’s wearing the watch we gave her for her birthday awwww


Ever since last year, we made a pact to celebrate each other’s birthdays. Alia’s birthday this year, unfortunately, fell a few days before finals. Hence the late celebration.





I call these two my de-stressors. Their dumb jokes are precious!

And yes, that’s my lipstick he’s holding. 



Where else could you find people who would trust you enough to lend their debit cards for you to shop with?

Here, in this picture.





To not have Belon’s face in our phones/cameras is incomplete.

You could make a gallery in your phone for her selcas alone.





I couldn’t have asked for better people to undergo this journey with, and to be able to complete this together feels amazing, alhamdulillah.


We’ll meet again soon, insyaAllah 😀