In Bangalore I mean. I’m alive and well, thanks.



With our Dean, Dr. Sudha Suresh.


These pictures were taken during our farewell…..dinner- it wasn’t really a dinner, nothing fancy. It was just a get together for everyone for the last time. I think that was the first time no one complained about the briyani served lolol.


Our dean had done so much for us during our 5 years as students. I won’t forget how she had held me while I cried my heart out, having failed my biochemistry paper those many years ago.



Everyone knows Mr. Chandru; he helped us sort out so many things from day 1 till our last day in India.

He nicknamed me Cake- for obvious reasons haha. I finally managed to give him a few slices of my chocolate cake a few days before I went back for good 🙂


Batch F Sindhi Hospital year 2009-2013

(pic stolen from Belon)

Ok so it wasn’t my fault; our friends were making faces and cracking up jokes behind the camera. know, you gotta laugh at jokes right?



The only time I whipped out my phone to take a picture- the rest above were all taken by someone else *coughs*

With Bong, whom I’d gotten close to during my days in the students’ council. Good times, good times.



Manu and the clique planned a potluck dinner and I made desserts  as usual.


Baking a chocolate cake is pretty simple but but but I always look forward to the chocolate ganache! There’s something about getting the texture right that excites me.



The cake Mimi requested for; I don’t know why she likes this chocolate cake so much.

To see the chocolate ganache sets up beautifully on the cake is just.. *tears gleaming*



5 years’ worth of reading 🙂


I love my books- even more than I love my medical books to be honest but bringing all 170 of them home was impossible. So when I had to choose the books to leave behind….*sniffs* there was a moment when I just sat there and hugged my books, being at a total lost.


I selected about 60 books and took them to Blossom book store (that’s the one in Brigade Road). They generously priced my books at more than half of their original values and gave me a book voucher in return.


And you know how much I’d gotten for those books? Rs 4000 (that’s like RM 270). Kindda made me wonder how much I’d spend on books all these years heh.


So I bought more books with the voucher *coughs* (well, I was planning to buy new books to bring home; that’s the whole point of letting go some of my books; so I could buy new ones), asked my friends to pick some for themselves and was still left with Rs 2000. Which I gave to a junior of mine.


Good things must be shared.



I’d sold my furniture and most of my stuff so this is how my room looked like on the last night. The closet belongs to the house’s owner; which basically means one less stuff to sell.


My parents summoned me home before Aidiladha. My exams ended on Thursday. I bought my ticket home on that Sunday. Which means I had 5 days to pack my things, sell all my stuff, do my shopping, attend all the farewell dinners and lunches, and settled all the formalities.


My verdict?

I was on the verge of breaking down. Oh wait, I did break down. I was still exhausted from my finals and having to pack in such a short time soon after took the wind outta me. I had 4-5 hours of sleep each day, most of the time relying on sleeping pills. I had my meal once a day, too tired and busy to feel hungry.


THERE WAS JUST SO MUCH TO BE DONE! Packing 5 years’ worth of belongings wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. Especially when you’re me.


But alhamdulillah for my friends; to those who’d helped me thank you so much, you guys had no idea what it meant to me 🙂