They say you won’t ever forget the cases you get for your finals.


I say you won’t ever forget your finals; from the first day up to the last one.

You won’t forget the sleepless nights, the absurd amount of caffeine which entered your system, the drugs you took in order to get rid of those anxieties. You won’t forget the times you’d broken down, the tears you had shed, the hours you put into pouring over your books.


I’d spend the first four years enjoying what I’d learned; I didn’t think Medicine was that hard, but trying to cramp 8 subjects in a matter of two weeks was insane.


First you worried about your theory papers (MEQs, SEQs and MCQs). Then you worried over your OSCE. Then you worried about the clinicals, wondering which cases you might ended up getting.

When all of that is over, you’re worried whether your name is in that viva list. And if it wasn’t, whether it meant you’d passed or failed.





This was taken soon after we’d completed our clinicals. Look at everyone’s happy faces 😀


We were at the hospital as early as 7.30 am, only to reach home at 6.30 pm. One long case, 3 short cases. At the end of the day we were so exhausted, all we wanted was for the day to be over.



With our internal examiners at the end of the day.



Books, books. And books.


I ended up staying at a friend’s house in that 1 month of exams (thank you zie, farina and kak we!), a decision I’m glad I’d made otherwise I’d have gone bonkers. After the finals were over, I had to borrow Effa’s car to transport all my books back to my house.


And that is why, passing an exam has never tasted so sweet before alhamdulillah.


Suffice to say, this is one experience that needs no repeating; once is enough.