So that was one long long hiatus.


But then again, it was the most crucial circumstance in my life as to date. The most stressful, the most testing, the most- well, the most everything lah.


I kindda made a promise to myself the next time I’ll be updating this page, I’ll be writing as a doctor- or none at all.




So here’s Dr. Nisa reporting for duty *salutes* 😀

Gosh that sounds so weird; it’ll take some time to get used to. But I’m not complaining.


That was the only picture I took during Aidiladha; the first half of the day I was in nerves waiting for my results, and the second half…I was burned out from all the worrying and lack of sleep.


There’re so many things I’d like to share but for now, this would do. After all, I’ve all the time in the world now heh.


Cheers  🙂