Because blogging keeps me sane.



I usually dress immaculately for class so I love to cheat during the weekends.

Comfortable clothing is always the best. Or as my friends call it, selekeh.

Whatever lah as long as I’m happy.

(was dropping off my logbook and case write up at the OPD)



One of my favourite pants would be this black haram pants; it’s loose and comfy and I like the gold zipper at the pockets.

The last time I was home Kak Us asked me this, “Don’t you wear jeans anymore?” Because she did my laundry and there was no jeans in sight- I didn’t think she would notice though!

I love jeans but most of them tend to be fitting and I don’t have that many long tops so I rarely wear them.



I was bored waiting for the doctor so I decided to imitate Belon’s pose.


Same or not???

Haha maybe I should have made my eyes smaller. But the pout is similar right!

It’s ok, next time!