I didn’t lie; I did say we’ll meet again in Syawal right?


It’s almost the end of the second week of Syawal but regardless, Eid Mubarak everyone 🙂


I would be lying if I said this year’s Eid was whooping fun. Because it wasn’t. No matter how I dressed up, despite the countless of open houses there were, the variety of dishes piled high up on the table, despite everyone looking their best,


I didn’t feel it. I didn’t feel Raya.


There were no Raya lights, no sight of another family in their traditional wears going for visits and the sky, it was absence from the colourful sparks of fireworks. More than those, it was the absence of my loved ones that I missed the most. The weight of finals on my shoulders was too hard to ignore.


And for the first time in a long time, I felt truly alone.



Maybe it was my way of overcoming my depression, but I threw myself into baking.

I could cook, but cooking Eid food? That’s way way wayyyyy out of my league.




My chocolate cakes still without their icing and the only Eid biscuits I love besides pineapple tarts; honey cornflakes biscuits! Which ironically I’d only discovered here last year lol.


Making the biscuits is super simple. Melt an equal amount of butter and honey, add them onto your slightly crushed cornflakes and put them in the oven for 10 mins. I recommend using Muggin’s cornflakes instead of Kellogg’s; it really makes a difference to the taste.



I guess I wanted to bring a little of home here- that or I was delusional, so I decided to try my hands on baking Kek Lapis (layered cake).

And surprisingly I didn’t regret it! I baked my oreo cheese kek lapis in the oven instead of steaming them and they still came out moist. And delicious. And awesome.

Ok so I’m blowing my own trumpets here lol. But this is one kek lapis I actually like!



My super easy chocolate cake which everyone seemed to love. It’s my first time making chocolate ganache and it was so simple and delicious!

Heat the heavy cream (I just used fresh cream) in a pan until it’s boiling and add your chocolate bars. Stir until it’s slightly thick, let it cool for a bit and pour it on top of your cake.

Maybe I’ll post the choc cake recipe here some time 🙂



Making lontong/lodeh for a potluck event on Eid eve. Under Mimi’s supervision of course.

Raya food + Nisa = FAIL

I believe it’s a Johorian dish?



Woke up at 7 am on Eid to fry these. While thinking “Gosh this Eid is the busiest I’ve been in my entire life.” *pats self on the back*

My Eid is usually like this lol.



Awwww look how golden they are! It’s my first time frying these begedils/Malay nuggets!

So many first times this Eid fuh.



See how cleverly I’d mashed them up? You can see those little-

Ok these are obviously the ones I spoiled haha.


Some time while making those biscuits, I started reflecting on what Eid really means to me. Not to sound too materialistic but Eid usually means pretty new stuff.

New outfits, new shoes, new night gowns, new underwear even. Yes, mum is that meticulous.

And good food of course. Plenty of delicious food that won’t even fit in my little stomach.


It made me ponder, for those who lack these things, who lie on the cold hard ground not knowing how to survive the next day, or even if there is a tomorrow for them…..


What does Eid mean for them?