I like dressing smartly for class.


Never mind the fact that no one would care if you happened to turn up in a pair of jeans and sneakers. Or that the lab coat would cover your carefully matched outfit.


But I like looking nice; it gives me a sense of professionalism.


As much as I adore dresses, I love skirts and pants more. There’s a lot going on there; you could mix and match, you could play with the colour tones.

You could choose to tuck in or out- which, believe me, makes one hell of a difference to your outfit.


Tucking in gives an edge to your look- sharper, smarter somehow. I do that with almost everything; skirts, slacks, palazzo pants, haram pants, baju kurung……haha no I don’t tuck my baju kurung in.


But what I had seem to overlook is this; tucking in isn’t exactly aurah friendly. Well, most of the time.


So a few weeks pre-Ramadhan, I decided to give this new look a try.



Man, the mirror needs a good polish #lazy



 Tucking out is nice too, right?


You might be donning a loose garment, but once you emphasize a part of your body i.e the waist, you’re still not dressing up modestly. Tucking in, accessorising with a belt…any outfit that requires you to worry about your stomach bump showing after that huge lunch, really.


I’ve to admit, sometimes I get confused on what’s proper to wear and what’s not- old habits certainly die hard. But I hold onto this golden rule;

If you can’t perform salah in it, then it’s not proper.




But me being me, I managed to find a loophole. At least, I think so.




The idea is to wear a loose top (the bottom, without question, has to be loose). When you tuck your top in, pull it out a bit; just enough to cover the waist part.

Women’s shirts tend to be short and fitting, so avoid tucking those in.



Memang I buat photoshoot tepi jalan kan. 


I won’t lie; this wasn’t isn’t easy for me to do. I’m a physical-istic kindda person, I care a lot on how I look, what I wear.


It’s hard to separate women from beauty. If we could choose between praying 15 times a day and covering our aurah, most of us would choose the former.


But baby steps, baby steps. InsyaAllah  🙂


P.S: We’re already in the last lap of Ramadhan, so press on the accelerator!