So I had this deluded thought of actually going back for Raya this year.


As if mum and dad would agree to that. That’s why I said deluded *sighs*


A number of people are going home, despite finals being only a month and a half away. I know some of you guys would go, “Alah a month plus kot! Sempat sangat balik for Raya.”

Let me tell you this; a month and a half is equal to a week in Medicine life.



MAS is having their usual Raya promo. Look look, so cheap *strokes the computer screen lovingly*


Besides, I might as well get this over with right? I can always spend Raya at home next year and the years after that. Raya lah puas puas.


Hahahaha AS IF. Once I become a houseman, there’s no way I’ll be getting Raya holidays.


Why medicine whyyyyy???? 


I knew I needed a deterrent. Miri-KL ticket price is always absurdly expensive, so I figured the numbers would dampen my hopes.



OMG. SO. CHEAP *tears my hair out*



Oh fragile heart, you be brave now.


OK I need to tear myself away from this laptop now; this is hurting me.