5 years ago when I first arrived in India, I couldn’t even fry an egg.


My idea of a luxurious dish was cooking Maggi mee on the stove rather than soaking them in boiling water.

Knives were dangerous tools best avoided and poultry…… man, they stank badly.

(fish still stinks)

So you can get a rough idea why I indulged myself in baking instead.


Even so, I always feel cooking becomes worthy (not more worthy, just worthy) in Ramadhan. I look forward to breaking fast with friends and family; they’re such jolly moments!



Kak Us always made this pineapple and cheese snack for us back home.

This is the only time I eat pineapples; otherwise I couldn’t stand them.

Pineapples are evil.



Seriously I’m so proud of myself my eyes are prickling with tears *sniffs*



I always reserved local desserts for Ramadhan. Sugar donuts, apam and stuff.

You won’t see me whipping up a chocolate cake anytime soon.

Though now I’ve mentioned it, I’m tempted. Darn.



Banana fritters are one of the health sins I couldn’t resist. I could chomp on a mountain of them! Arteries, please forgive me.

In my effort to make it healthier, I fried mine with olive oil and changed the tissue paper thrice.

But still.

Ah, whatever. We only live once.



Maximizing my time in the kitchen. Because frying takes forever.



My first ever chicken rice! I popped the chickens into the oven instead of frying them. Yummy and oil free. And I didn’t drink the soup because…..I don’t like soups.

I don’t like how they’re pretending to be food when they’re in fact, water.



Fried squids with chilli dip.


So that’s it! They’re just mediocre dishes but the fact that I managed to cook them without burning anything is a miracle itself.


I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually enjoy cooking for others. Ok that’s Nisa Ramadhan talking.


Ask me again next month and let’s see what Nisa Syawal will say haha.