It’s the 6th of Ramadhan here.


And I still haven’t fasted a day  😦

Oh hi, assalammualaikum everyone.


Where was I? Ah yes.

It’s funny, how one could feel so devastated being unable to participate in “starving” oneself. But that’s Islam for you; you tend to find beauty in unexpected crooks 🙂


Though as I’ve came to realise, this month isn’t all about giving up that lunch of beef bibimbap. So this is for the ladies; just because taraweeh and qiyamullail are out of the question, doesn’t mean we can’t participate in this holy month.


#1   Prepare food for those who fast

With the finals being so near, and the absurd amount of readings that have yet to be done, a lot of people tend to keep to themselves. But Ramadhan isn’t about me or I, it’s about we and us- that togetherness no other month in the year could bring us.

So don’t hesitate to spend that extra 30 minutes in the kitchen. Think of the rewards you’ll get and the smile that simple dish could bring to someone’s face 🙂




As the Prophet said: “Whoever feeds the person who is breaking his fast, he will have his reward (for his fasting) without decreasing anything from the reward of the fasting person.”

[Al-Tirmidhi (807), Ibn Maajah (1746) – Classed as Sahih by Shaykh al-Albaani in Sahih al-Tirmidhi (647)]


#2  Give, give, give

Doctors are among the worst in math, I kid you not. Every time I’ve to divide a bill, I’d go where’s the calculator? We simply couldn’t count #noob

So keep it that way, don’t start counting now. There isn’t a time or place in Ramadhan to be stingy. There’ll be more coming from that, insyaAllah.


Imams Al-Bukhari and Muslim reported that Ibn ‘Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, had said,

“The Prophet was the most generous of people. He used to be the most generous in Ramadhan when he would meet with angel Jibreal and study the Quran with him. Angel Jibreal would meet with the Prophet every night in Ramadhan to teach him the Quran. The Prophet was so generous when he met with Jibreal, more generous than the wind that brings rain.”

Imam Ahmad added to this narration,

“And nothing he was asked for but he would give it.”

Furthermore, Al-Bayhaqi reported that‘Aishah, may Allah be pleased with her, had said, “When Ramadhan would start, the Prophet would release all prisoners of war and fulfil the need of every person who would ask him for something.”


#3  Read the Quran

Just because we can’t fast, there’s no restriction in reading the Quran- a fact a lot of people have been misled to believe. Yes, you can! Thumb through those pages every day, and while you’re at it, why not memorise a short surah or two?


#4  Ask

Ramadhan is filled with mustajjad moments, this is the time when our dua is most likely to be granted. We can’t perform our salah, yes, but making dua is for everyone; we’re not excluded.

Sayyidana Omar (Radhiyallahu anhu) reports from Prophet Mohammad "The one who remembers Allah during Ramadan is forgiven and the one who makes dua to Allah is not forsaken."


#5 Benefit your day

A vast misconception about Islam is that ibadah is only restricted to praying, fasting, reading the Quran etc. That’s a far cry from the truth.

For me, personally, this is when studying comes in handy (I never thought I’d be saying that, ever). It’s something I’ve to do, and it’s a form of ibadah. That’s killing two birds with a stone!

Coming into Ramadhan, one could be heard sighing over the impact it has on the schedule. The day starts as early as 4 am for qiyamullail and suhoor. Come evening and one has to cook to break fast, perform taraweeh, squeeze reading the Quran somewhere in between and stay up late to revise.

In theory, it sounds tiring. But one seems to forget that the one determining it all is Allah s.w.t. Think of Ramadhan as a blessing, a month where your studies (and life, overall) shall be eased, insyaAllah, despite the hectic race.


#6 It’s Ramadhan; act like it’s Ramadhan.

Just because we’re permitted to stuff those rolls down our stomach doesn’t mean we could act according to our own will. Carry ourselves with dignity and respect this holy month.


#7  And lastly, enjoy the (my) run haha.


Have a blessed Ramadhan everyone 😀