I don’t understand why this blog can’t seem to update itself on its own.


Just another hopeful wish of mine 😛

Hello blog I haven’t seen you for so long!


I’d just finished my surgery rotation for this year. Which means there’s only one more left before……..the end. Gosh.




Because surgery posting would be incomplete without a picture of us in the OT.

Though this one’s because we’ve nice new hijabs to wear. I no longer feel like a squid every time I’ve to don this! 😀


If I’ve to pick one memorable (and not boring) surgery, skin grafting would be it.



This patient had been coming to the OPD for months daily. DAILY. She had a huge ulcer on the dorsum of her left foot.

She was ideally supposed to undergo a transmetatarsal amputation but she refused. So the consultant/nurse/us patiently changed her dressing every single day.

If I were the consultant I’d be all aunty, amputation NOW!

Which is why I don’t think I’ll ever take on surgery. That and ulcers make me go all squeamish.





I never thought the human skin could so resemble the chicken’s.

Then again, it’s just skin after all.









This is what I do; every time I walk pass a mirror, I would admire the new hijab. Ah, so crease-free.

You can’t blame me! I’d spend the last 3 years looking like a squid ok.


The doctors conducted the exams a week early. Which means now I’ve a week of nothing ahead of me.

Ooooooh, maybe I could go somewhere-