I get people telling me how I seem addicted to running.


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat how can I be addicted


That was just me being dramatic. Fact is, I know how close that is to the truth.


Now that it’s less than 3 months to finals, I’m seeing a lot of my friends quitting the gym.


Considering how I always reach home at 5 pm these days, and that I have class on Saturdays as well, I decided to follow suit.

Rather than working out in the evenings, I used the time to rest instead. Read a book, surf the net, take a nap so I could stay up revising.


I did that for 2 weeks before finally cracking up. It didn’t suit me; I couldn’t do it.



My running top isn’t there for decoration; I was too lazy to hang it out on the balcony so…


I’ve been working out for 3 years now, and to suddenly stop doing that- you might as well ask me to stop eating. I felt unhealthy. And flabby. And fat  😦


I’m aware I sounded mental but it’s true!


So I decided to go back to running. On a tiring day, I just added caffeine to the menu. Problem solved!


Despite the unavoidable caffeine intake, I feel content (and not that fat). Everyone knows a happy person could study better right?


It used to be work hard, play harder.

Now it’s play little, work very very hard *sighs*