As always, I’m late in updating *coughs*


I can’t believe Mai’s a mother now! It seemed like only the other day she told us she’s pregnant. Not that I’d expected her to be pregnant forever but…..time flies, that’s what I meant.


Since the baby refused to turn around (breech position), the plan for normal delivery turned into C-sect.



Accompanying Mai the night before the big day.




Mai and Mahir. And the KFC chicken.




And Baby Sofea’s here! At 3.1 kg, she’s a perfect little angel 🙂


I asked Mai how it felt being a mother, and she answered,

“Boleh lahhh.”

I laughed at that and she said sheepishly, “She cries at night, I can’t sleep.”

Honesty is a virtue. But I know she loves her daughter fiercely.




Now, as it’s well known, I’m awkward with babies and children. But considering she’s Mai’s, I made an exception.


And took the opportunity to perform a newborn examination HAHA. What? Gotta make sure she had all her reflexes ok.




There’s a reason I called her an angel; this baby could sleep through anything! She was passed around, cooed at, cuddled, kissed and she didn’t even bat an eyelid the whole time.

Good baby! Aunty Nisa likes you.


It’s amazing looking at Mai and Mahir. From the time when they were just a couple, to their marriage, to when Mai’s pregnant and to now, seeing them as parents. Being able to witness those, and to be a part of it all, is just amazing.


It’s something I would remember my student days by years from now, these moments.


Congrats on baby Sofea, Mai and Mahir. I pray she’ll grow up with the warmth of your hearts, the kindness you often show us, and the love you’re never without.


And when she’s old enough to gossip, she can hang out with us, ok baby?