It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a relaxing Sunday.


One that doesn’t involve the books I mean.



Kicking off the day with a run at Cubbon Park


Cubbon park is so huge,whenever I run there I feel like a kid let loose in a candy store. It’s fun, trying to find my way in the maze of parks, letting myself go wherever my feet would bring me.

Makes me feel kindda giddy  😀



Apple pie, pasta and coffee for breakfast.

Having pasta as breakfast felt like having nasi lemak darn   T__T

There you go, Nisa’s Food Converter.



Tried out Darband, the Persian restaurant in New Bel Road.

I love the casual ambience of this place.



Ordered the Iranian tea which…..tasted like Lipton tea actually.

So you can skip this.



I couldn’t remember all the complicated names, I’m sorry.

This one’s a kabab mixture of beef, chicken and lamb. Kinda awesome how they’re wrapped around each other individually.



Roasted egg plant with………no can remember.

But this is delicious! Even if it looks somewhat unappetising in this picture lol.



“Do you want a small naan? It goes well with the egg plant.”

The waiter’s definition of small is definitely questionable.


I would rate this place 3/5. While the food and ambience met my expectations, I’m just not a big fan of Persian delicacies. All kababs taste the same to me, heh.


And lastly, I topped it all with Krispy Kreme and bubble tea.


Yup, people had trouble differentiating me with a Snorlex that day.