One thing that’s never in my shopping list is jewellery.


If you happen to stumble upon us in a jewellery store, I’d be the one sitting at the corner playing with my phone, thanks. I find jewellery boring. And a waste of money *pats self on the back*


So now you know what not to bribe me with. Although I still won’t say no to diamonds *coughs*




But on the day after exams, my friend and I took a wrong turn and stumbled upon a quaint jewellery store in Commercial Street.


I peered through the door and, out of my habit, decided to check it out. I might not like jewellery that much but I love random shops.


And fell in love with a brown topaz which I custom ordered to be made into a pendant. You can’t blame me; look at the brilliant cut of the stone.


As I was paying, the owner peered at me closely, “May I ask you a question? Just one question?”

Fire away, uncle.

“Are you short tempered?”


I was so startled at his question- how random!

And how true wth. But unless you personally know me, you can’t know that. I’ve handled a lot of people’s surprises whenever I told them how much of a brat I really am, so I know. And when I’m in my element, I could charm the pants off anyone.

And trust me, I was in my element that day.


“How do you know?”

“I can read people’s aura.”


Ahah. Things just got a lot more interesting.


Perked by my endless questions, he went on explaining about how one’s health could be assessed just by looking at the palms alone. Sort of like Chinese medicine when you think of it.


“May I see your palm?”

Oh, what harm is there. Might as well play along. I showed him my palm.


“You’re unhealthy.”

I felt like laughing out loud there and then itself. My immune system is one of the toughest, I rarely get sick. Not to brag but it’s true.


“You have blood problem.”

I’m pretty sure I don’t have anaemia thanks. And I don’t recall my family having any blood hereditary disorder either.


“A lot of women and ladies face this problem.”

Wait a minute, what is he on to?


“Your cycle is not correct.”

If you’re a guy, I won’t even bother explaining.


And bam I was rendered speechless! If he was guessing, then he’s very good. Regardless, that uncle made my day. It’s not often that I get to meet strangers who could read me well. 



Btw what’s my aura doing telling people I’m short-tempered??