The only reason I’ve been constantly updating my blog lately is this;


Exams are just right ahead.

I’m so fake, I know. So please don’t get use to this  😉




I’ve been pretty dormant ever since this semester started; staying at home more and more. My days are pretty much spend for studying and working out. Hence the lack of pictures.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between the first half of final year, and the second half.


I get all jittery inside every time I think of finals. That’s the only thing left between the ordinary me and being a good doctor. I gotta pull through this, insyaAllah.




This is a memorable picture; hopefully that’s the last time I wore lenses. My specs days officially started yesterday.

That means no work outs for the next 2 weeks. Add that with exams, and I might just go mental.


But as it is with everything, these too shall pass.

These too, shall pass.