The weather seems to have taken a turn these days.


Oh, the sun still shines brilliantly, but the evenings are always accompanied with a storm. Well, I’m not one to complain; I love it.


I’ll let you in a secret of mine; running is great, but running in the rain? It’s awesome.




As a rule, Monday is weights day. But one glance at the sky changed my mind. Oh running shoes and sweater, we’re gonna have a field day; the gym could wait. I practically dashed out the door… catch the storm.


I’m emotionally strained these days, God knows why (e-x-a-m-s ?).

The one time when the world is guaranteed to be deserted, is when it rains. It feels as if I’m the only soul around, and everything seems to fleet away, even if it’s only momentarily. At that moment, nothing really matters. There’s just me, the rain and….. the snake I saw slithering damn.  


It’s a good therapy. In fact, I’m gonna recommend it to my patients some day. Psychiatry what? Heh.


So that’s it. Celebrating rainy days, Nisa-style 🙂

Have a nice sleep peeps.