I hate mainstream.


It annoys me having to scroll through FB and read 1000 versions of mother’s day or teacher’s day or whatever-day dedications.


And the craps people are saying!

“Everyday is Mother’s day.”

“You should show your appreciation to your mother everyday, not just today.”


The ones who say those are obviously not mothers.


If that’s the case then everyday’s my birthday too. I’m alive everyday aren’t I? I mean, what are people doing celebrating my birthday only once a year when they should appreciate my existence every single second?




It becomes more special, that’s all. It doesn’t mean I love my mum less on other days, it’s just that on this particular day, I would want to dedicate it to her. It’s a reminder that on the other 364 days, I love her all the same.


If someone tells me he/she loves me every day, I might just block that person from my contact list. I mean, seriously?



Because my mum gets my sense of humour, everytime 🙂




NISA: Guess what? I actually slept using the comforter last night. The things I count as luxury these days *sighs* look how far I’ve fallen mum.


MUM: Why don’t you just switch on the air-con?


NISA: MUM I DON’T HAVE AN AIR-CON HERE. This is how students’ lives work; we couldn’t afford air-cons.


Oh mother.