I don’t believe in being a victim.


That’s my first rule in life. Got flu? No point in slopping around the house sniffing. Get out there, bask in the sun and toughen up your immune system.


I’m always the harshest on myself. I expect more from myself, because I know I could do more, give more, be more.


I once demanded an apology from a pervert, though I admit it was more of the heat of the moment rather than logical thinking. That was merely days before my friends shoved a psychotic movie under my nose. Weh cannot warn me earlier ka??


But today, I’m defeated, haha. I’ve been having diarrhea, bloating, cramps, nausea, headache, body ache you name it the whole day. Staying in bed makes me feel sicker but I can’t find the energy to drag myself outta it.


It’s ok I’ll just curl up and die. Woe is me.


Baking pictures of last week:



Red velvet cuppies with vanilla icing and sprinkled dark choc 🙂

This was brought about by watching too many episodes of 2 Broke Girls. I actually dreamt of baking cupcakes!



Boxed them up to bring to class. I made around 40. On a Monday. That’s how much I was craving to bake.



Belly button’s long overdue birthday cake. It’s the alveoli cake #medicpun


If I’ve to bake another carrot cake, I think I’m gonna barf, no kidding. I had some leftover batter which I made into cupcakes (again, 2 Broke Girls sheesh) and I had to get rid of them ASAP just so I wouldn’t.


Sometimes I feel as though people mistook me for a bakery. I’m a medic student, I don’t bake for a living. I bake when I feel like it, whatever I feel like making. And with finals coming up less than 5 months, I’m having lesser and lesser time to do things other than studying.


Baking isn’t like cooking; you could be done in less than 30 minutes. If I could make a batter less than 30 mins, I consider than as an achievement. Making a cake takes me a minimum of 3 hours, usually extending up to 4-5 hours.


Forgive me for sounding like a geek, but do you know how much I could cover by reading for 3 hours?


I don’t mind the occasional requests; I’d love to hand out free cupcakes to any passers-by some day. That’s one of the things in my bucket list  🙂


But I don’t have such amount of time in my hands right now, so the pouting, the complains, the demands, annoy me more than I’d like to admit.


So please please please consider that. I apologise for any unsatisfactory taste buds but there’s no joy in it if I feel forced.