I could barely breathe nowadays.


Which doesn’t make sense as I’m still alive. But you get what I mean. Classes always end up pretty late now that I’m in Medicine. There’s soooooo much to read pwoargh.


Nothing new there though.




This was my last day in Malaysia. Notice anything different? Oh the specs, the scarf, the round face wahahaha. Too many good meals, that’s what happened.

That was the day before my eye check-up. Hence, the specs. Hence, the scarf. Hence, the round face.


To make it easier, let me show you how the equation works:




So I went and had my eyes checked. Corneal scan, normal. Retinal examination, normal. Awesome, I was good to go for SMILE Lasik. You can google that yourself, thanks.

Now, here’s the catch; no lenses for 5-7 days before the surgery. Crap.




This is my OOTD for school in the first week. Cotton baju kurung, square scarf, specs. The only thing that varied was the colour LOL. Good thing I still keep my scarves.


You see, without my lenses, my self-confidence is practically zilch. I ceased to care how I look or dress. What? Dresses? Palazzo pants? Chiffon blouses? Flowy skirts? *snorts* who gives a hoot.


My friends used to say how bipolar I was in dressing. Either I dress carefully, planning my outfits beforehand, or I dress shabbily. There’s no in between.



Pretty much my uniform. Now what did I say about the colour?



Belon made me try this pair on. It’s actually for sale. So to those who are interested, it’s Rs 500 at Anglo American in Commercial Street.

You’re welcome.


The other down-side of this whole specs thing, besides not having the confidence to wear what I want, is……….  *drum rolls*


I couldn’t do any work out.

It’s impossible for me to run or do weights with specs on. Ok, so I exaggerated. But it’s hard. Especially since I’m the type of person who sweats a bucket. And the weather! Omg.



After an hour and a half of weights. Imagine how much I’d sweat if I were doing cardio  =____=”


A couple of days after my specs day officially began, I went back to clarify some things with the doctor. And to do the dry eye assessment.


“You have significant dryness of the eyes.”


“Actually, I’d say it’s severe dryness of the eyes. We’ve to postpone your surgery. I’m gonna give you some eye drops and we’ll review it again after a month.”


Does that mean my 6 days of wearing specs is………….for nothing?? *cries*


So that’s my story. Now I’m back on lenses (which is permitted) and well, using those eye drops *sighs*


I’ve changed my lenses btw. I used to wear FreshKon Groovy Green but oddly so many people commented on them this year! I’ve been wearing the same lenses for the past 4 years ok! So I got self-conscious and went back to clear lenses.