God bless Labour’s Day.


Because it’s a much needed holiday.

God bless all the labourers too, of course. Ehem.


This is something I’ve been pondering for a long time and well, I might as well share it. It’ll be all words so you’re welcome to skip it.


You know how after a tiring day at the hospital (at least, for me), all you wanna do is go home, take a long shower and just chill? Watch movies, surf the net, read a story book, take a nap…whatever lah. And remember just how good it feels after doing all that? You head seems clearer, your joints ache less, your mood lifts up.


Whenever I see these labourers, those who work under the scorching sun non-stop at the construction sites, the women I see squatting on their backs in the park trying to keep the garden kempt, the old man who had to pick up after the empty mineral bottle you’d carelessly threw,


they remind me of the days when I felt my legs would buckle under me at any moment, the times when I felt all I wanted to do was to lie down and sleep. And I can guarantee you the tiredness I’d felt won’t even be close to what they have to endure every day.


But no matter how hard the day is, I know I could always look forward to go home. One with a hot shower, a TV with countless channels, a room of my own, a warm meal waiting in the oven. Just the basics, but comfortable enough for me not to whine lol.

 Who am I kidding I need an air-conditioner

And what would these people go back to? A small squat to be shared with 5 other family members, probably a plate of rice and some dhal to keep the hunger at bay, lying on their back on the hard floor to wake up to another similar day to the one they’ve had today.


And then you could see clearly just how unfair this world is but that’s how it is and there’s nothing much you could do to change it.

You realised you should concentrate on getting your degree, be somebody, and then think of making a difference.


Depressing thoughts aside, today HaniFatso turns 13  🙂

The older she is, the older I am. So that’s not good haha.



I found an old picture, one Zatyfaty would love to use to blackmail her. In fact, I think Zatyfaty was the one who did this.


Grow up and be a better person than I am. Let humbleness alights your heart, throw your burdens away and lose those wrinkles. The world’s problems aren’t your problems yet so just enjoy it  🙂

And oh, you can be a vet. Or a dentist. Or a doctor. Or anything with the title DR in front of your name ok.