I’ve had a whooping amount of sleep this weekend.


I tire easily these days, going to bed as early as 10 pm (old wtf). I suspect it has a lot to do with the weather; it’s so hot I feel as if all my energy is sucked outta me each day.


Two afternoons’ worth of running, and already I’m tanned. And the rounds at the hospital each day- I WANT A CHIFFON LAB COAT PLEASE. The thinner the better, thanks.

This has gotta be the hottest summer ever *sighs*


Despite the heat, I managed to drag myself for lunch with MJ’s sis and her friend who were here for their elective posting.


It’s so good to see them again! We stayed at their house when we were in Bristol 2 years back and now they’re here! Hani even joined us when we were in London and Paris.

Ah, memories.



In case you don’t recognised me, I’m the one in the middle. Why my face so round one  T__T

My specs and square scarf is a long story.