Title tak boleh blah wahahaha.


Anyway, here’s the last part:



Found out Kak Us bought herself a laptop! Why maids nowadays so canggih one T__T

Good thing she wasn’t stingy to lend it to me to watch movies 😀




None of my friends were in Miri. HaniFatso had a school camp going on (which I persuaded her to bunk but she flat-out refused. Pfffft SKEMA).

So I had no choice but to drag older bro to hang out.

This human could sleep anywhere!



Borrowing bro’s stuff.


So I must admit, for the first time ever I barely did any workout during the holidays. My friends were all, “Why are you working out in Malaysia such a waste of time!”.

What you think your arteries don’t clog in Malaysia is it?   =______=”

Working out isn’t a routine, it’s a way of life!


My total score was = 1 routine of cardio, 2 light weights, 315,271 calorie intake wtf

Result = I gained 2 kgs served me right.



“Dad I’ve been home for a week’s plus now and you guys still haven’t brought me for any dim sum!”

“Oh, yeah, we forgot.”

Forgot! Hmmph!





Mum’s kindda crap at cooking Malay food (sorry but it’s true). But she does awesome Western ones.

Lamb ribs with sides of veggies in cheese sauce and baked potatoes.



Kak Us’s getting rounder these days (well, so was I).



A colleague of bro asked him to take care of her pet for a few days. He basically plopped the cage on the table and ask me once every few days,

“So is the sugarglider still alive?”

Moral of the story, never ask him to take care of your pets!



He’s been my companion during the nights I stayed up late to watch TV. Look at how clever it positioned itself to sleep!!! So cute!



Belon flicked through the pics in my phone and eyed me sceptically,

“Please don’t tell me these are your biscuits.”

Baby rusks are really nice and okay, I admit I only like the teddy biscuits because they’re shaped like teddy bears.

Cute biscuits make them taste better.



It’s back to KL to collect my visa *sighs*

Seeing as I’d spend such a short time at home, my parents decided take a few days leave from work and accompanied me.

I’m really fortunate to have these two as my parents- though I do need reminding at times tsk tsk.



With baby bro who’s not so baby anymore.

I used to worry of him in a way I never worried about Zatyfaty and HaniFatso. He’s a perfect example of a brat- he just didn’t know how to take care of himself.

Now he’s a fine young man *teary eyes*






This is what sisters do.