Once we got our visas renewed, everyone could finally breathe a sigh of relief.


You wouldn’t believe how much hassle the paper works were grrr.



Late lunch at Serai.

Everytime I came here, having Pavlova and Swiss Passion is a must.

The desserts here are so good, it’s worth coming here just to have those.



And then we tried the carrot cake. I’m proud to say mine tastes better lol.

But I still think carrot cakes should be banned in Bangalore.




The first few days after I was back in Malaysia, all I wanted to eat was rice. No kidding.

It’s like all this while I was having rice deprivation (puhhh). Thankfully, that didn’t last long. I was back on my usual diet soon after phew.



Manu was annoying me. What’s new?



Carving the chicken for Nury. This girl seriously couldn’t eat chicken! There was still so much left of it that I couldn’t restrain myself from asking,

“If you don’t mind, can I do the chicken for you?”

Geram haha.



Dinner at Delicious.

As usual, our appetiser was desserts lol.

One word; bleh.



Went for burger bakar at Lokas Makana with Mim’s and her family.

Damn this was so good. Should’ve ordered a double one.



Finally had the Malaysian craze of durian crepe.




I came home to Mum’s blueberry breakfast cake and bread pudding.

Her blueberry cake. Is. Awesome.

When it comes to desserts, I don’t do bias. I ate half of it on my first night alone, mum had to bake a second one.

I think that contributed the most to my gaining weight lol.



The durian my parents thoughtfully kept for me in the freezer. I’m a durian addict yo.

I don’t know if you’ve tasted the yellow ones; we called them durian Mukah.

Probably because er, they’re from Mukah? I dunno oso haha. But they’re good!



My dad has this habit of having his ABC in a plastic cup and straw instead of the usual bowl.  You know how the best ABCs are found at warung tepi jalan? He doesn’t think they’re hygienic but would still accompany us whenever we craved for it 🙂

Here’s to the world’s best dad.

Wait. Except when he forced me to attend family gatherings.