My holidays were………


Too long. LOL.


I’m pretty certain I’m one of the few people who’s saying this. I’m basically malfunctioned without any routine; a sedentary lifestyle just doesn’t suit me.


We usually have a week of holidays twice a year (my uni should get the award for the uni with the most stingy holidays ever) but considering we had to renew our visa (which took a week to get done), our uni sweetly gave us an additional week.


And cancelled our Raya holidays wtf. Not so sweet after all  =_____=”


Since this time I’d spend more time in KL than Miri (boo), I managed to get some catching up done.



Because this is just how Zatyfaty is. She gets excited about anything colourful and cute. What’s crap to me is gold to her. 



They dragged me to Ikea for some meatballs. And pasta. And salmon. And chicken wings. And cinnamon bun. And choc cakes.

Man these people could really eat.



I had the salmon; they pretty much polished everything else hueh.



Dedek. The face. Haha.



Like I said, she really likes this kindda stuff.



Dinner at Hawdramawt.



Meet my hooligans.



Because us being us, we just had to sample the desserts.



Sending sissy back to UIA. What a messy room lol.



And surprised BFF! She’s doing psychiatry in UIA.


It feels so good to finally be able to update my blog!