I’ve some time to kill before having to rush to the airport so hi!


Going home has always been an exhausting event for me. And I will tell you why I termed it as an “event”.



The sales assistant insisted on tying this around me as a saree.


Because of the shitload stuff I’ve to buy each time.


The thing is, I’ve never went back empty-handed. Ever. I make a point of buying something for each of my family members. Even Kak Us, who by now, is family as far as I’m concern.


I love shopping. I love giving people I love things they love. Too much love there, that’s the problem LOL.


But I didn’t say it’s a breeze, trying to find the things these people might like. It involves a lot of time and sweats and calorie-burning. Which, in a way, is a good form of exercise. So it’s a win-win situation.



I spend 6 hours yesterday finishing up my shopping. This is best done alone, it’s all no-nonsense and touch-and-go. But it still took me 6 hours.




The big bag, is their stuff. And believe it or not, the small bag is mine for the next 2 weeks- which, 1/3rd of it is taken up by my running shoes alone.


Sometimes I think my mum (and sister) mistook me for a shopping mall *shakes head* I could open up a selling booth with their stuff alone.

So when Nisa’s home, it’s like “Hurray! Santa Claus is here!”.


Being my mum’s daughter is expensive. But then again, having me as a daughter is expensive as well. So that kindda balances the equation.


And just in case you’re wondering mum, yes I bought that saree in the first picture. And yes, it’s yours.




See you in Malaysia!