I can’t sleep.


And considering I barely had any sleep last night…..well. Brain why won’t you switched off???

Yesterday was the last day of our theory exams *throws confetti in the air* It was okay I guess. I mean, twas the first time I walked outta the exam hall and not felt stupid. So I would categorise that as ok.


Looking back, this is the last time we’re able to laugh over screwed up papers. It’s the last chance where wrong answers are acceptable, where scratched pens on papers could be worthlessly thought of.

Truly, a moment to be cherished.


And yet I find myself asking,




Didn’t I just enter the final year a while ago? This is so Kasabarch-Meritt syndrome! It’s a tumour which traps platelets and causes thrombocytopenia. Like life trapping time, consuming it from within, letting it pass as a whiff. 


Kata baru habis exam, lol.


And lastly, a continuation of the last post!




Taken a few hours back, how efficient am I?

It took me quite a while to notice what’s wrong with the pictures. EYEBAGS. Now cannot sleep double eyebags some more.



Ok I’m hungry. I’ll make some pancakes. And maybe go to the gym earlier than planned wth.