Which was 2 weeks back.


So I’m not sure this qualifies as “updates”……







I made this for A’in’s birthday. She has finally jumped on the bandwagon and requested carrot cake instead of the usual red velvet cake *sighs*

I wish people would get over it already. You know I had to bake this cake almost every weekend this year? I didn’t even have the time to try out new recipes 😦


I was exhausted and the prospect of having to make another carrot cake for the umpteenth time wasn’t really exciting, so the decoration was a simple one. People assumed I used piping and just went round and round but….


It’s so simple, I dubbed it the cheat cake deco. All you need is a fork. Make sure you put on layers of icing (put the cake in the freezer for a couple of mins between each layer), so that when you run the fork through it, the base of the cake wouldn’t show; that wouldn’t be pretty.

The beauty of this is (besides being so easy) if you botched it up, you can always start over.





This is actually a screwed up recipe. My God, I can’t remember the last time that happened. 


A couple of weeks back, I asked my mum for her moist chocolate cake recipe. During the days when I hated cakes (who would have guessed such a time existed?), this was one of the cakes I actually loved.


But as it is with all her recipes, this one didn’t turn out the way she’d baked hers *sighs* It refused to set even when I’d put it in the oven for 40 mins! When I put it out to cool, the middle part just collapsed, like a volcano.


Hah now that’s familiar. Reminded me of chocolate lava cake. That gave me some hopes. So I poured melted chocolate on top and sprinkled crushed almonds. And prayed its edible at least lol.


And alhamdulillah it turned out great! It’s now my primary choc brownies recipe 😀


Mimi named it basal cell carcinoma brownies #medicpun




Since the first half of the batter refused to set, I tried steaming the leftover batter. Who knows maybe it was actually a steamed cake instead…..


Nope, wasn’t a steamed cake. The baked one’s better.

This one’s named melanoma brownies #medicpun


All I can say is, this recipe’s definitely a keeper. Thanks mum!