I decided to omit the picture of the birthday girl from this post.


I mean, come on. Why would I wanna put up someone else’s picture right? Pshhh.


Haha. I forgot to take her picture!! Sorry Mims! In fact, some of these pics are hers; I was outta my element that day lol.




It’s Toscano again y’alls. This restaurant is on the fast track of becoming one of my fav ones.



This time I ordered spaghetti Puttanesca. It’s good, but I prefer their aglio olio more. Figured I’m just not a red-sauce kindda person.



Because we have the stomach of a cow, we shared a smoked salmon pizza between us. I LOVE THIS. Such generous portion of salmon!



That was lunch, this was tea lol. Cafe Noir it is.



Cafe Noir’s well known for it’s creme brulee. But since I love sampling desserts, I ordered a different one each time I’m here. This time it’s strawberry tart.

And I’m glad to say, it’s as good as it looks. The pastry is more like a shortbread than a tart; best just to ditch the cutleries and take a huge bite. Yums.



This is something I always order whenever I dine in Cafe Noir; Olso smoked salmon panini.

Anything with salmon, count me in.


You’re the sister I already have (God knows, Zatyfaty and HaniFatso are a handful), the soulmate I’ve yet to find, the best-est friend I could have asked for, the partner-in-crime in the truest sense.

The person who held the towel for me the times I had to pee outdoors……how can I ask for more? LOL.


We’ve gone through so much together, we could read each other like a book. Well, I could read you like a book lah.


And though this is our last year here, and though this might seems cliche, but best friends forever and ever and ever and ever ok?


Look forward to it, I’m gonna bug you for the rest of your life  😀