Just kidding; my sense of humour is good nowadays.


I used to not understand Paeds. Understand is sugar-coated- let’s try again.


I used to not stand Paeds. Kids often leave me in a lurch, I’m always conscious around them. Like, when a baby starts crying, what the hell am I supposed to do? Or when a child clutches to his mum tightly, do I even want to coax him out of it?   


Best leave them be, no? Haha.


There are certain kids I like. Those who are co-operative, who don’t sulk when examined repeatedly (I know I’m asking too much here), and definitely those who don’t yell their heads off.



This is definitely one of my favourite patients during Paeds rota.

Meet Ananya, she’s a dear  🙂



Dishing out some colouring advices. I used to be good at this lol.




Behold, our artwork.






The reason we bugged her so much was because she’s a congenital case of dextrocardia and right lung hyperplasia.

Which means her heart, instead of being on the left, is situated on the right. And her right lung is basically a no show. Having to depend only on one lung, she’s been having recurrent lower respiratory infections since birth. 


You can’t even see the cardiac shadow here because, well, you need the right lung shadow for it to be visible.


Ok lesson ends.





One of our Paeds doctors resigned some time last week *wails*

So this is the least we could do.







I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s part of being older (face it, the growing up phase is over *sighs*), but I find that kids aren’t all that bad.


Except for the wailings. I still can’t stand the wailings.


Kids are perplexed creatures. When I look at them, it makes me wonder how some of these children, now so innocent and naive of the world, would some day grow up and be one of the bitter manipulative adults.


How they, once easily entertained by splashes of colour, the gurgles of laughter heard from making a silly face, would become as complicated and screwed up as us.