Around 2 weeks back, we decided to go on our long-postponed camping trip in Hokkenagal, Tamil Nadu.


To be honest, I didn’t even know it’s in Tamil Nadu until on the said day. Talk about being off-handed lol.



Naturally, us girls were in charge of food. Or in other words, they’re in charge of food- I’m in charge of desserts.


I was supposed to help out with marinating the chicken. All the stuff were kept in my house but as the clock struck midnight, Mimi was still nowhere to be seen.


Omg I was a wreck! I mean, she didn’t expect me to touch the raw chickens did she?? Not that I never did, but well, best keep the contact as minimum as possible. At last I went to her house and dragged her to mine. Phew!





Sissy in her not-so-cool LASEK shades.



Finger food for the 4-hour journey. I helped out with the sandwiches ok *smug*


The plan was to go by 1 pm but….we set off at 3.30 pm. And the place is 4 hours away. So by the time we reached it, it was already dark.


You try finding a good spot for camping in the dark *sighs* but after some strenuous efforts and a thousand complications, we managed.



Setting up the place. We went camping with comforters. And pillows. And no tents.

The irony!

The idea was to sleep under the stars. We’re all nature lovers ok.






My biggest contribution would be….fanning the bbq stuff  =_____=” 

What do you expect, my idea of BBQ-ing at home is sitting in the air-conditioned tv room while waiting for Kak Us to deliver the food from outside.

So this was hard work ok. Haha.





My babies withstood the 4-hour journey. And the 2-hour of trying to find a good spot. And the 1 hour of waiting for the food to get done.

I’m so proud of you guys!! *teary eyes*



These were so good!!



Hardworking people, very good.





My babies were actually Mimi’s surprised birthday cupcakes. Which wasn’t a surprise anymore because she opened my fridge the night before!

Gosh it’s impolite to open people’s fridge ok. She even guessed what cupcakes there were.


20130223_000234 (1)

Tadaaaa they’re black bottom cupcakes- minus the cream cheese icing here. Look how they’ve black bottoms? Lol.

I had to put them in the freezer overnight so they could last until dinner the next day. But of course, they still tasted good. Pshhh.



And then we had to leave by midnight.

I’d love to tell you what happened but, at present, I’m not allowed to. Let it remain a mystery for now.


Please remind me to tell you guys the full story once I’ve gone back to Malaysia for good ok?


Alright I gotta start my Once Upon A Time season 2 marathon now. Till next time!