I’ve written about Mai’s birthday celebration here.


However, since Mimi managed to invite the whole world *coughs* we decided to do a second celebration, just among us.


To me the whole point of celebrating birthdays is to spend time together- especially since we’re all posted in different hospitals and only get to see each other once in a while.



Mimi and I went shopping for Mai’s birthday presents beforehand. And omg it was so exciting!! This was one area I never got to shop before so everything was pretty much new to me.

I was so tired that day since I’d woken up early for a run, went to the library to study soon after and then I went straight to the mall.


But Mothercare perked me right up! I didn’t know there was so much stuff there!



Everything was on sale gosh!! In Malaysia where got like this.



Since Mai and I were about the same size (pre-pregnant), I got to be the one who tried on the clothes for her. I love this white pants so much! Mai I wanna borrowwww lol.



The next stop was the supermarket coz we had to buy stuff for lunch the next day.




NISA: You know what Mims? Let me just carry the shopping stuff and you could go and pick the vegetables. Ok, go ahead.


Me and vegetables, we don’t really get along.


MIMI: Here, help me slice the carrots.

NISA: *sliced sliced sliced* Mimi these carrots are so hard, my hands hurt 😦

MIMI: Ok you can peel the onions.

NISA: But they make my hands smelly! It’s so hard to get rid of!


So Nisa *sighs*



Our shopping hauls that day!



My baby  😀


Birthday candle from Malaysia, as usual. I was saving it for my birthday (*flips hair*) but well, I could just buy another one the next time I go back.


Mai’s birthday is a significant milestone for my carrot cake- because the first time I made it was for her birthday a year back! So without her birthday, the carrot cake we came to know and love today won’t exist.


Dramatic much, lol.







The lunch menu. Macam menu Raya! Well, menu-raya-not-in-Sabris’-house that is.


With this clique of mine, we rarely go out. Seriously. We’d usually hang out at Kak Sha’s house, eat good food, watch movies, take naps, play games, talk and basically just catch up on each others’ lives all day long.


It’s a comfortable routine for us. That and we’re old now so we’d rather stay at home. Hah.