Admittedly, I’ve been too lazy to blog.


Or to do anything else really. It’s only Tuesday and I’m already looking forward for the weekend to arrive. Can I curl up on the bed and wake up on Friday? *sighs*


I was looking through my phone and……decided to cheat. Let’s just post some pictures up and pretend they’re exciting.



Alia’s bike had a flat tyre sometime last week. So all of us decided to accompany her while she got it changed. We’re sweet like that *flips hair*



I was really absorbed in what the mechanic’s doing; he was so good! I never had the chance to see how these things worked before. Honestly, I learned a lot that day.



Giving Luq’s bike a go….well, that’s it lah haha! I couldn’t even budge it an inch!! And they said its among the lightest??





Us! And Alia who closed her eyes halfway lol.


Ok I’m done. Good cheat post this one.